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#ColstonHasFallen - a view from the protest with Robin! - RR Vlog

Above is a short edit from one of the RR crew based in Bristol of the historic moments from the 7th - Robin is part of the RR Solidarirty crew and he's captioned it with this "In a beautiful act of people power the city spoke and demanded that its future will not be its history. A city founded on slavery Bristol has always struggled to match its progressive politics with its brutal past - but a new chapter has begun as the city declared Black Lives Matter and dumped the statue of Edward Colston - Bristol's original slaving magnate who profitied from the horrific enslavement of around 84,000 people - in the same harbour his ships used to dock!

New icons are rising in Bristol!! #BLM

The people of Bristol have been campaigning for over 40 years to have the statue removed - their effort always stopped by in the name of 'destroying history' - but statues are not about history, they are about who we choose to celebrate and Colston shall be given space no more! In the 2 days since this happened, more statues to him have been removed, the hall bearing his name has fastracked to change it and across the UK statues and monuments celebrating slavery and racism are being shown in their true bloodstained light!

This battle was beautiful but there are many more and we will keep pushing - forcing an end to white supremacy, to the celebration of genocidal fuckwits and to a more just and people powered future!"

Robin's also recorded us a video discussing the protest at length - why he sees it as important, what it meant to him and discussing the video above itself and the scenes from the day - check it below and let us know what you think in the comments!


Thanks for reading/watching - we are super excited about bringing this project to the world and encourage you to explore the site and get involved!

Radical Restart Crew!

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