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Hettie's Photo Blog - RR Camp Day 7

Joe diving into the day

Sunday morning at camp started slowly with lots of people in the pool and basking in the sun. A bunch of us felt te need to stretch our legs so we went for a walk in the woods and Sara bonded with a horse.

After lunch, Sara led a discussion about chaos and how it relates to youth identity. We chatted about all the negative assumptions about chaos in our culture and how we can redefine it as the unpredictable possibilty of life. By harnessing chaos we can unleash the youth's creativity and changemaking ability.

'chaos is more than a burning forest it's the saplings that offer a new direction' - Connor 2020

We also read extracts from our favourite article ever on Youth Resistance - check it!

Freya is hockey mum supreme
Soccer mum Freya

Lot's of colourful responses to our chaos chat :)

The rain forced us inside to the whittling area and, to the backdrop of Robin whacking his axe, we talked about the dominance of intellectualism in activist spaces.

We discussed how at times we've all felt really intimidated and excluded by the big words used in activist spaces but once we've gotten more into activism we have adopted this language and continued the cycle. dunno what else to wtrite...

While lots of us had zoom calls in the evening, Savannah made her famous white sauce. In a DRAMATIC TURN OF EVENTS the gas ran out mid cooking pasta, but luckily the hay box came to the rescue.

The rain stopped in time for us to spend the evening around the fire, singing songs and taking loads of photos.

Martha introduced us to the joy of mixing flour and fire and we had lots of fun playing dragons and witches!

Thanks Hettie (Edda) for the blog today!


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- every penny hurts the status quo! -

Love and Power from the RR Crew!

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