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So, you like what we're weaving and want to get involved? Amazing, you've come to the right place and we're excited to start bringing new people into/towards the team. Read through whats below: what we're looking for, roles that need filling, timeline for applications and how to register your interest - Love and Power!✊💚🔥

Just some pics from our work to hopefully get y'all excited! :))

What are we looking for?

We are quite a small team at The RYSE who are all doing this work as volunteers supported by family and friends, and we have really been looking forward to welcoming a couple of new people to join us! We have been developing a number of roles to support us in getting the work done and would like to invite people to register interest in the roles below, but first lets talk about what working with us would mean:


  • We would especially like to welcome those of you who have already been engaging with us and our work to get more involved - if you haven't had the cance yet, then make sure to jump on our Upcoming Sessions page and come meet us soon.

  • Unfortunately we can't yet provide any reliable payment for time working with us, but we do have capacity to offer rent-free accommodation in Stroud thanks to the generosity of our friends and family, and are working towards being able to cover some of the teams expenses through a Volunteer Living Expenses scheme - Robin our finance coord can explain more here!

  • All of the roles will be supported by the rest of the team - we don't expect anyone to do all of the work required within any of these areas on their own. Rather the roles are to help hold the overview of the work that needs doing and hold some initiative/ownership of that specific area. 

  • We will fully support you into your role, no direct previous experience in any of the areas of work is necessary, we are all learning as we go and the most important factor is your enthusiasm and commitment to learn and dedication to The RYSE's vision.​​

  • Unless specified as a potential distance position, we need people to be available to work with us in Stroud on Tuesdays and occasional weekends as a minimum, and if you were to live with us we would expect at least 2-3 days per week.

  • We are a youth-led group, our current team members are between 20-28 years old, and most of our residential workshops are open for people between 18-30 so unless specified in the role, new team members would need to be under 30!

If you haven't visted the 'Meet the Team' page yet, then click Meg's profile here to jump over and have a read!

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What roles need filling?

Here's the list of current roles we're looking for people to fill - as with all of this please don't hesitate to email us with any questions at all at - onwards:

  • Space Coordinator - Based in Stroud - 1-3 days per week - Youth only - Description: we are working with a number of different spaces in Stroud where we are organising different activities and have the vision of a space thats more of our own in the future. The Space Coordinator would need to help hold the relationships and organising of events in these spaces, and work to develope our plan for how we could get access to our own building going forwards.

  • Stroud Community Coordinator - Based in Stroud - 1-3 days per week - Youth only - Description: we have so much potential to do more organising in Stroud and work towards making this area a ‘Community of Resistance’ and ground the work of The RYSE here. The Stroud Community Coordinator would need to work with us to help organise place-based projects and groups, such as our intergenerational ‘Friends of The RYSE’ dinners and our emerging youth collective. Ideally this role would be filled by someone with existing connection to Stroud.


  • Finance and Fundraising Team Member - Based wherever - 0.5/1 day per week - Any age - Description: help our F&F coordinator to ensure The RYSE is growing its funding base by grabbing a manageable job within the team, for example: managing our Open Collective, writing grant applications, connecting with our regular donors, etc. We're still working out the specifics here so will be defo be able to find something that fits your skillset/interest.


  • Affinity Community Team Member - Based wherever - 0.5/1 day per week - Youth only - Description: help our AC coordinator as they work to support our learning communities and we continue to connect with radical youth across te UK and beyond. This could look like taking on a particular area such as connecting with uni student groups or helping plan online educational sessions.


  • Media Team Member - Based in Stroud - 0.5/1 day per week - Youth only - Description: help us document the work of The RYSE bringing any of your particular skills or interests - want to write blogs/articles, take photos, make videos, record podcasts or even manage the instagram... then lets get you linked in with our Media coordinator and work it out.


  • Apart from the roles outlined above we are also very up for you to get in touch with us about any specific skills you want to offer, for example podcasting, video editing, conflict facilitation or workshop design or anything similar - and of course we would also love to hear from you if there is work that you already do which you think could link up with what we do as The RYSE - just throw us an email!

Timeline and how to apply:

Roles Timeline.png

Its a real simple process and heres the rough times we're looking to work too:

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This whole process is handled by our Systems and Culture coordinator so if they're mad busy it might take longer but please be patient with us - we will get back to you and look forward to potentially meeting/working on The RYSE with you.

This project is a labour of love for a world as yet unborn - thats the real ask we have of anyone who gets involved, to believe in what we're trying to do and just have at it in the hopes of making a better world!


So if that's all enough info/exciting things to convince you to apply, then get writing us an email at that clearly says:

  • The role you'd like to try taking on with a couple paragraphs about why.

  • Some info about yourself - name, age, where ya based, pronouns, etc.

  • Anything else you'd like us to know/questions you might have.

That's it - simple. Talk soon, love and power to you all!

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