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Trip to Dennis' print studio

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

A group of us spent the afternoon with Dennis Gould, Stroud's legendary poet and letter press printmaker. He showed us how to make posters using his block print signature style. He has loads of draws of very old letters, numbers and images in all fonts, shapes and sizes, including a hand-carved pointing finger made in the eighteenth century! We had to pack all the blocks into the 'galley' (the tray which holds the letters) upside down, going right to left and pad the worn down letters with little bits of cardboard to makes sure they printed properly. The whole thing is held together with 'furniture'- little blocks of wood so that nothing wobbles when you roll the ink on. We made a first print of a poster for the RYSE and Clary made a poster for the new band she's going to form. We'll be back next week to make lots of prints, so if you're in Stroud look out for it around the place :)

Wanna see more of Dennis? Check out this little video

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