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If you've spent time with us in person you'll know we're always talking about 'joining a Global Family of Resistance', well here are our closest siblings in struggle - those we're hugely proud to work, walk and fight alongside in the struggle for life and Planet Repairs!

The PRALER Network

As the RYSE we're proud to working for the Planet Repairs Action Learning Educational Revolution (PRALER) alongside incredible siblings across the UK and the World. Together we're challenging mis-education and building the Planet Repairs Curriculum that will actually empower us all to win a new world!

Please do check out the website as this work is both deep and truly essential - plus everyone is welcome and encouraged to get involved!

Website Link


SISTER stands for Stroud in Internationalist Solidarity Together for Earth Repairs and is our wider family in Stroud. Bringing together local young people (The RYSE), teachers and parents we're working to make Stroud a place that can truly say it is a SISTER in the Global Family of Resistance. 

We're hosting SISTER's web presence while a full website gets sorted so jump on that page a have a full read - or checkout the Summer School zine here!


Somos Semillas

Somos Semillas (We Are Seeds) is a popular education instituion for the Abya Yalan (Latin American) diaspora in London. They work to strengthen their community and support grassroots liberation work going on in Abya Yala. We were linking with them throughout the Summer School, through workshops, media and other materials - especially the link they have facilitated with the Otomi and their amazing resistance in Mexico City.

Insta Link

Aya Afrika Learning

A grassroots youth-led Pan-Afrikan reparations education and training initiative. Part of the Sankofakuumba: Pan-Afrikan Community Glocal Educational Complex (PACGEC). We're connected to Aya through our PRALER work, with them both calling in to ground our screening of Afrikan Apocalypse (+ people's tribunal!) during the Summer School and more recently with our Glocal Citezins Education for Planet Rrepairs Action visitors from Ghana - read the blog here!

Insta Link

XR Being the Change Affinity Network

The Extinction Rebellion Being the Change Affinity Network (XR-BCAN) is a new formation of groups and peoples determined to make good on the potential of Extinction Rebellion, by helping bring together a growing network of communities of resistance in unifying people's power to win true planet repairs.

Not by demanding psycopathic governments and elites change, but by Being the Change we as a global family need by bridging North to South in direct, meaningful and power building relationships of action learning internationalist solidarity.

Website Link

The Lockon


Cambridge's most rad and beautiful squatted community centre - lots of food, housing and queer liberation work - check them here!



Our SHAG comrades were a massive help for the Summer School and we love following their student movement building - check them here!



Community Action for Land Liberation are our PRALER siblings focussing on Land Justice from their base in North London - check them here!



Flame are the youth of the Land Workers Alliance and it was great to work with them on the Organiser Skills resi last year - check them here!

No More Exclusions

NME 1.jpg

One of the few other groups really working to challenge mis-education and racism in our schools - check out their FAQ zine here!

Cat's Cradle

Cats Cradle.png

A great group of other 'pedagogy nerds' that we love to share session plans and ideas with - check out their website here!

We've got some more partners to add - but we're always looking for more partner groups to link up with and start building alongside - jump on the Contact Us page if you think we can get a collab going, we're excited to hear from you!

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