Welcome, this is us - the team trying to bring The RYSE to life. We've all stepped into core roles within the project and are either working part or full-time and no we aren't 'experts' - we're just young people having a go at something we feel is deeply necessary. If you're into radical education and feel like you could commit to what we're trying to do then make sure you have a look at the

Work with Us page - but before that, here's us:


Meg - 20 - She/Her - Community Coordinator


Where are you from? South London

Why are you part of the RYSE? Shits fucked up and needs to change. I've been doing activism full time since I was 17 and could get out of the horror that is school - in many ways its in knowing how awful the so-called 'education' we recieve is that I want to be part of making space for true learning, the kind of learning that doesn't make you put up with the world but fucking change it!

Whats a favourite quote? “Each one of us is here because somebody before us did something to make it possible.” - Audre Lorde

Robin - 27 - He/Him - Finance & Fundraising


Where are you from? Stroud - born and raised!

Why are you part of the RYSE? I fundamentally believe in the power of youth to transform the world. In the power we have to pull our communitites into the future and right now we have a fucking challenge on our hands - and so the RYSE is needed because we have huge learning to do, together, in community, in resistance, for life. Education is about becoming and so lets have at it.

A favourite quote? “Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it”

- Frantz Fanon

Me Doing Activism cropped.jpg

Freya - 21 - She/Her - Media Coordinator


Where are you from? Hitchin


Why are you part of the RYSE? I dropped out of university to work on this stuff because I believe that radical change can’t wait. We need a massive cultural, systemic, creative shift right now, and it has to come from the empowered youth - and for that we need spaces to connect, learn and get real with each other.


Whats a favourite quote? “Be queer do crime” - A wall in Stroud

Nils - 28 - he/they - Systems and Culture

Where are you from? Österlen, Sweden

Why are you part of The RYSE? Because social movements before us have put a lot of work into political education, which we need to pay attention to.

Whats a favourite quote? "Between all of us, we know everything" - the Zapatistas


J - 28 - he/him - Education and Learning Coordinator

Where are you from? Hampshire

Why are you part of The RYSE? To be rooted in, and to act from, the education, learning and love that arises from nurturing, collective and radical relationships with all life - including ourselves and the land.

Whats a favourite quote? "I want for the world a love that changes shit... I want the love in a way that disrupts, that destroys, the ladder" - Sonya Renee Taylor

Like we said at the top - if you want to get involved then check out the Work With Us page or buzz us any questions on us on Insta

- Big love from all of us! -