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We're starting a social movement education space in Stroud!! Come explore some possibilities with us


Hello Stroud, we would like to invite you for an evening with us to explore possibilities for working together on an exciting project with radical aims!

We are a group of young activists from the Radical Restart collective and Extinction Rebellion Youth Solidarity who are developing a plan for a social movement educational space led by young people for learning across generations. We have been taking inspiration from the Scandinavian folk schools, the Highlander centre in the so-called US, brazilian educator Paulo Freire and the Ecoversities Alliance, and will be organising a few pilot projects during the coming 6-9 months

We are organising this evening as an open space for sharing and discussing ideas and invite the Stroud community to support us in hosting this project here in the area. This September would have been the 100th birthday of Paulo Freire, who have inspired us a lot, and this evening will also be about how we can support efforts to keep his radical legacy alive.

We look forward seeing you soon, in the meantime have a look at our website for more information about what we are visioning:

Send us an email to let us know you're coming :

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