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Step 1: Have Your Say!

Step 2: Spread the message!

Step 3: Assemble!

Step 4: mutiny!

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by the

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Spread the Message
Spread The Message

This system is rigged against us

So our Mutiny is all about coming together,

working out what we as young Stroudies (13-25)

we want to change and just getting on with it -

no waiting, no asking, its time we get powerful

and make the world we want to live in!

Rich as shit Eton-boy politicians, climate crisis, insane rents, bullshit jobs, war after war, empty promises, voting for change and getting crap all...


As a generation we all know things need to change but what and where to start? When we're isolated and don't have space to come together - to learn from each other and work out the real problems - its really hard to get moving to solve them - and the truth is the system wants us powerless like this...

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Follow the Insta

Follow the Insta

Sound good? Then come through for the assembly

+ link on Whatsapp here to help with the outreach and organising!



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Lots of people in Stroud's past have assembled and done powerful shit - bits in white!

Coming together as a comunity to solve our problems isn't new - its how humans always did it before the 'rich and power-hungry' told us we didn't know what was good for us - that we should leave the decisions to them... well where has that got us?!?

But there's still lots of things that need fighting - bits in black!

And its not complicated - there are loads of models we're learning from: citezins assemblies, peoples assemblies, student assemblies, etc.

For our first Mutiny Assembly we'll be gathering for a weekend in June (date coming asap!) to hear from each other, look through the results of the Mutiny Survey (u filled it?) and make some practical plans about what we - the Youth of Stroud - can do to change our town - whether they want us too or not!

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The Youth Activists at the Radical Youth Space for Educations (RYSE) will be hosting this first weekend and we want 60-80 young folks to come through - you in?



"an open rebellion against the 'proper' authorities"

To make it clear, we aren't looking for trouble - we're just getting together, working out how to solve our problems and getting on with it. The problem comes when the 'proper' authorities - busy trashing our mental health, our town, our world, etc. - want us to keep calm and carry on... but we say no, we aren't going to be another generation who you can bully into silence!

Burkina Faso



And we aren't alone - all around the world youth and their communities are rising up!

It's when we say no that we'll have a fight on our hands - a fight over who has the right to govern - the People or the so-called 'Proper Authorities' - and as we've seen throughout history the people who have put themselves in charge want to stay there. So its up to us to get creative, get powerful and get organised not to 'ask nicely' but to simply start building our own world.


Now what the first steps on that road are we can't tell you - that's for us all to walk together - so fill in the Survey, help us Spread the Word, get to the Assembly and get ready for a Mutiny - its our time now, lets move!

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