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Partners? Friends? Accomplacies? Sometimes its hard to define relationships but we think thats fine - in essence, these are our people - the groups that we're learning alongside, struggling with and practicing accountability. As such, we wanted to shout them out and send y'all there way to check out the work they are doing.

XR Youth Solidarity

Formed back in 2019 the XRYS team organise alongside frontline indigenous and local partners across the Global South to promote a radical decolonial response to the climate and ecological crisis. As youth they are learning from elders and each other alike to rise to the challenge of dismantaling imperialism as the essential step towards a just future. Right now they're working hard to Decolonise Conservation and are supporting us in birthing our Chaos Workshops make sure you check them out and send them some power!

Insta Link

Global Majority vs 

Formed in 2020 around 3 young diaspora activists here in the UK taking the government to court over its genocidal economic recovery plan - the GMvs campaign looks to mobilise all those who identify as the Global Majority: the workers, the Global South, the youth, etc. - forming bonds of solidarity across colonial divides, led by communities of resistance and asking us all the clearly articulate that the climate crisis is an imperial crisis we are proud to be working alongside the youth of GMvs as we all struggle for true liberation!

Website Link

Bustcard Zine

BUSTCARD is a collaborative, anti-capitalist youth zine that stands for collective liberation and global revolution. It acts as a vessel through which the world of radical youth activism is encouraged to express their struggles, hopes, actions, contentions and artistry. It aims to not only celebrate activist culture but to create new conversations within it.

They've been helping us at RR with understanding more about the incredible world of zines - so watch this space! 

Insta Link

We've got some more partners to add - but we're always looking for more partner groups to link up with and start building alongside - jump on the Contact Us page if you think we can get a collab going, we're excited to hear from you!

Global Majority
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