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Ghostly encounters, fire making, special delivery systems and identity loss

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

In late winter this year we participated in the event RADMIN - A Reduction, organised for exploring the radical potentials of administration and making space for experimenting with what it means to us as participants involved with different fields of work. Administration is probably present in most peoples lives, yet its something which is not very often talked about.

Quote from the event description:

"Organising in and for uncertainty is a current and critical condition in the arts and in business, as elsewhere. For RADMIN - A Reduction we will abandon pre-planning and assemble in time, to tune our attentions, improvise agreements and see what events emerge. In the process we will practice arts of collective decision-taking, speculate on prosperity, retreat into our unique locations and luxuriate in company. Activities might include faith based operations such as ghostly encounters, fire making, special delivery systems and identity loss."

Many things took place during the 5 weeks, we craeted anonymised to-do lists and sent them to other parcticipants to make a plan for being carried out, practiced admin through making and tending to a fire, and received mysterious packages with instructions in the post, all opening up many good questions:

How do we get better at talking about and making visible all the different forms of administration thats taking place, both so that we can support each other through sharing learning about how best to do it, scaling it up and down as needed, and to acknowledge it as a form of labor that sometimes is being made invisible?

How do we work more with and from within our immediate surroundings when the current system have built in so many ways of escaping from our day to day lives? What are the different levels of histories, from geological to political, that we could intervene in from walking distance of where we live, and how do we administrate those sorts of interventions?

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