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Newsletter #3!!

Updated: Sep 20, 2021

Dear Supporters and Friends,

It’s been a while since the last newsletter! We were supposed to send one last month! Sorry for the delay, but a lot has been happening.

Last month was XR’s rebellion, and many of us were involved with that in one way or another - the most significant piece of that being towards the end, where a handful of us were (allegedly) involved in the occupation of WWF’s headquarters with WTFWWF . The building was held for 4 days by the occupiers, with some very clear demands that WWF failed to meet (we’ll be back). You can check out the campaign at !

The last day of the rebellion was also the launch of the XR Youth Affinity Network, which is a network made up of us (Radical Restart), XR Youth Solidarity, And Global Majority vs UK Government . There will be more info on this coalition coming soon along with the footage of us announcing it together at the closing ceremony.

Since then, a bunch of us have moved to Stroud to focus on the Movement School project. We’ve been working out what we need to do in order to have some residential courses ready for the new year, as well as how we can work towards obtaining a permanent physical space. On that note, we’re inviting our supporters to an in-real-life evening in Stroud where we’ll discuss the project, and how we can work together to make it into a reality. If you’re curious and have capacity to give some time to our ideas, come along!! It should be a funky evening.

Also! If you’re under 30 and you’d like to learn about some of the thinking that inspired the movement school project, come along to our series of learning circles on popular education. Popular education is the process of bringing people together to share their lived experiences and build collective knowledge - the aims of the learning circle are: to get people from different groups working together, to learn about the theory and practice of popular education, and to work out how to apply these learnings in our activist work. It’s being run every other tuesday until early January, starting on the 28th of this Month.

That’s all of our updates!! Hope to see you folks soon in one space or another. Do check out our blog as well, and, as always, it would be much appreciated if you could support our work by donating to our open collective, or sharing the link with people who can!!



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