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'Popular Education' Learning Circle

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

“I think if I had to put a finger on what I consider a good education, a good radical education, it wouldn't be anything about methods or techniques. It would be loving people first.”

Come and learn together with us about how we can work with radical forms of education to create social change, sharing our experiences and together learning from some of those people who have done this work before us. We believe its important to make space for learning in social movements, and making space for people from different groups and organisations to learn together, and with this learning circle we want to explore learning and education itself

September this year would have been the 100th birthday of Paulo Freire and with this learning circle we want to join the call to continue this radical legacy

Aims of the learning circle:

  • Bringing people together from different groups who want to learn together

  • Learning together about the theory and practice of popular education

  • Work on how we can put this in practice in our activist work

We are organising this learning circle primarily for young people (under 30) who are involved with activism and organising in some capacity and who wants to make education a part of that work, no previous experience of popular or activist education is necessary


We will be meeting over zoom for 1,5 hour every other week and in between those times we recommend keeping some time available to engage with different resources and to reflect. In total it will be 8 sessions, each one building on the one before so its recommended to trya nd commit to all of them

Dates and times:

Tuesdays at 7-8.30pm

28/9 - 12/10 - 26/10 - 9/11 - 23/11 - 7/12 - 21/12 - 4/1

Donations: To support the organising of this circle and new ones in the future we are inviting participants to either give a small donation to us via our Opencollective page or share our donations page with networks you think might want to support us, but its definitely not a requirement for participating

Sign up through this form:

If you have any questions, write to us at

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