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Supporting the Work of the FENMUCARINAP

The bags and scarves given to us to support the work of the FENMUCARINAP - full listings below

We've been given items made by the Organised Women of Peru, to sell for Christmas gifts here. The full listings are below, here is their story.

The FENMUCARINAP (La Federación Nacional de Mujeres Campesinas, Artesanas, Indígenas, Nativas y Asalariadas del Perú ) is the largest women's union in Peru, bringing together 126,000 landworkers, crafters, indigenous and working women to resist violence in Peru. Together they work to empower and strengthen their capacities in the social, economic, political and environmental fields for the defense of individual and collective rights, as well as the social recovery and revaluing their ancestral and cultural knowledge.

Their President, Lourdes Huanca Atencio, has been forced to leave Peru due to mounting danger to her life as a result of her organising. She is moving from place to place at the moment to spread awareness and action for the Women of Peru. Soon she may have to return to Peru, at which point her safety will be in danger. We will all need to be watching as part of the PRIO - the People's Reparatory Internationalist Observatory - to ensure the government feel the pressure of our gaze. Watch this space, because we must be ready to respond for Lourdes and for the FENMUCARINAP.

For now though, she is still travelling and earlier this year she was in London, meeting with our Siblings at Somos Semillas, the popular education institution for the diaspora of Abya Yala.

While there, she passed on garments made by the women of FENMUCARINAP, to help fund her journey while she can't return home. Below are the ones that were given to us and the prices, beautifully soft and handmade, they'll make perfect Christmas gifts.

If you want to buy any of the items below, please email us at or message 07983127102. We will also have them for sale in person at our Friends of the RYSE event at the Trinity Room, 6pm on Wednesday the 20th of December.

A scarf draped across a bench, the scarf is red in the middle with rainbow chevron patterns snaking over it, and vivid blue at the ends with an alcapa design. It has brown fringe on the end.
Handwoven Alpaca Scarf - £25

A black rectangular bag with azip at the top and on the front, embroidered with 3 thick red and pink flowers, and green foliage
Small hand embroidered cluch bag - £10

A teal bag with a white stripe down the centre, embroidered with multicoloured flags. On the right there is a multicoloured tassle and it sits on a bench in the sun
Blue hand embroidered handbag with tassle - £35

A pink blanket embroidered with pink, blue and yellow florals, draped on a bench in the sun
Pink hand embroidered scarf - £30

A black rectangular bag emroidered with blue and pink flowers, and orange and green triangles, sits on a bench
A black hand embroidered clutch - £15

A khaki green handbag embroidered with green, yellow and blue pineapple like designs, sits on a bench in the sun
Green hand embroidered handbag - £15

A purple purse, embroidered with a yellow, red and blue flowers and multicoloured spirals and foliage, sits on a bench
Purple hand embroidered purse - £10

A red handbag with embroidered blue and purple flowers and mutlicolours foliage down the centre and the blue and purple tassle on the right hand side, sits on a bench in the sun
Red hand embroidered handbag with tassle - £35

A rectangular brown clutch bag, embroiered on the flap with multicoloured embroidered verticle lines
Brown Clutch Bag - £15

A tan coloured scarf is draped over the back of a bench outdoors in the sun. On it are three lines of floral embroidery, one pink with green leaves, one blue with green leaves and another pink with green leaves.
Tan Floral hand embroidered scarf - £25

A purple shawl is draped over the back of a wooden gaden chair. Woven into the frabic are windmill patterns made up of 8 triangles, in blue, orange and deep purple-red. There are tassles on the end.
Purple Windmill Pattern Shawl - £30

We salute the work of the FENMUCARINAP for women and indigenous peoples' liberation.

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