Welcome to our project, and when we say 'our' we mean it - this project is all about creating a space for all of us to build relationships and work together, our mission is:

“To build space for our youth networks to explore how we can create a radical restart of society and support our generation to create transformational change, through training, dialogue, campaign planning and mutual learning


Check out our trailer video for why!   




young people

and exploring our

unique role in

fighting for

transformative change. 



for the coming

wave of youth

revolt through

training, dialogue

and mutual learning.

Deepen our relationships,

skills and thinking

as young activists

working across





As with everything else to do with Radical Restart, our aims are emerging as the project develops and may well take on very different shapes as we grow and learn. We see this especially in the concept of 'phases', something we use in momentum driven organsing, where this phase is all about bringing people together, connecting and building teams - these aims reflect that and it may be as we move forward they'll need to evolve, we'll have to see!!


So, that's a lot of pretty words - but what does it all actually mean, what is Radical Restart actually doing?!?

Well, we won't bore you with 10 paragraphs to read, instead check out the video below that goes over exactly how we'll be organsing, how you can get invovled and whats being asked of you in getting involved. 

In short summary, for now we have 4 core workshops - (see our 4 focus areas below!) - that will be running online on a regular basis. Once, you've been to a session you'll be invited to join the online community we are growing on Slack, a space where all the young people from across the youth movement will continue discussions, shape ideas together and we hope eventually work together to create and run transformative youth campaigns.


That's it in a very tight nutshell, but watch the video, its got pictures!



So much of our organising comes under this term, it talks to our age but what more? We talk about the importance of the 'youth voice' but why? What does that really mean? - we believe these questions, and working together to find answers, is critical is we are to unlock the power that lives in our generation, the power to truly transform our world. 

Our starter session in this area is called - 'What even is 'youth' anyways?- and we encourage any young person, whether or not you identify with the word youth, to come along and join us in this journey - simply click here and look for when the next session you can make is!


Now here is a word that gets thrown around a lot - 'we are acting in solidarity' - is an everpresent phrase in UK activism, which don't get us wrong it great, but again, what does it really mean? And how can we ensure we are actually working to raise up our collective struggle, and not simply replicating the skewed power dynamics of our world?


These are hard but essential questions as we relearn the lost art of solidarity - if you're interested, come along to our starter session called simply - 'Exploring Solidarity' - head over to the get involved page and find the next session that works for you - see you there!


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School Coloured.png

Yay, learning! Actually, wait... isn't school on the whole a bit shit?!? Now that might not be a very good description of the hugely complex systems of education in which billions of young people spend years if not decades of their lives, but it's kind of true right? Young people spend thousands and thousands of hours in organsied education and yet how often do we ask why? Why are we educated in this way? Who chooses what we learn? How does our schooling shape us?

These are the questions we want to explore, that we feel we must explore if we are to start acting for change and empowering youth - jump into one of our 'What is School?' starter sessions here!


So, you want to change the world, bring systems down, cause a revolution, and much more? But you just don't know where to start, or keep finding it more difficult than you'd imagined? Well, this is why we think its essential young people get to explore Momentum - this key concept that has been at the core of all transformative social movements, think Civil Rights, Women's Suffrage, Ghandi.


We want to connect youth with the growing body of social change academics and movement experts who are pioneering these tactics in our current context, they believe they have the blueprint to social change - well, let's get ourselves some of that! Our starter sessions on 'Exploring Momentum' can be found here.


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Feeling excited?! - Jump over to the Get Involved page!