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Arrivals in Collective - RR Camp Day 1

Yesterday was all about arriving - landing physically in this small corner of countryside, sinking mentally into the pace of fireside living and welcoming ourselves to the people joining us. The Camp has finally begun, and the crew are beginning to arrive!

Only a few of us have made it so far but more will come and we'll be here to greet them - for many of us this is the first time meeting in person, the realities of starting a project during a global pandemic... but here we are, ready to connect, share learn and imagine together.

Day 1 meant - sorting roles, drying tomatoes, jumping into the perma-pool, learning stories, smelling the woodsmoke, building a schedule, sharing space, cooking, and eating together.

It was not a day to dive into talking revolution, yet those conversations bubble under the surface - bursting forth around the fire and sparking the imagination. The simple question of 'what brought you here?' is answered with life stories and uncertainty alike - some seeming so set on a path they are only still articulating while others tread carefully, painfully aware of the weight that comes with questioning.

One memorable moment came late in the evening when gathered around the fire we read the short story - The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas - a captivating exploration of utopian imagination and the dark secrets underpinning our societies. Its definitely one that creates more questions than it answers - as all the best things are - but the crew found something both reminiscent and chilling in its very human reactions to suffering.

So, with that I'll leave it, and simply welcome you to the Camp Blog - I've been Robin writing today and one of the crew will be writing a piece each day to document our time here. The conversations, learnings and ideas that spring forth from this piece of experimental pedagogy made real. We hope you join us on this journey and are excited to have begun.

Nils has definitely arrived! - and set their crotch on fire...


Thanks for reading - make sure you're following along on Instagram and Facebook!

And our camp fundraiser is still running if you're keen to support our work

- every penny hurts the status quo! -

Love and Power from the RR Crew!

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