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Into the FUTURE - RR Camp Day 11

Updated: Jun 4, 2021

By 9.45 the camp was up and ready for the final day...with some new arrivals and some 'golden oldies' back for more, we decided to delve deeper into the practicality of our three aims:

1. SPACE (finding a physical space for RR and others to claim...)

2. AN EDUCATION MOVEMENT, (the practical steps towards articulation of the issues and implementation of the possible solutions)

3. A YOUTH IDENTITY, trying to define it for ourselves and thinking of ways to help create an iffiliation with being ‘youth’.

We also wanted to think of ways to engage the 'youth' some of us may meet when we go to our universities/lives away from the camp, anything from simple conversations, film screenings, full out sabotage and active creation of new youth spaces outside the remit and legitimization of the university insitution.)

These conversations collated together to form the core question which brought us here. THE FUTURE OF RADICAL RESTART. After all the conversations were mind maped and collated, we had a much more fufilled clarity on who we were, what we wanted to change, and how we thought we were going to do it!!!!

Though there still being much more to do, learn and discover, we had discoverd something which felt very fitting for our final day.

Thus in celebration lots of stupid shit was done.

The 'lets put a plank over the pool and fight initative'.

Lets refine our knife and rifle marksmanship for non voilent conflict resolution.....

Watching the slur 'suck ur NaN' finally filter out of SW London. (An obvious example of true solidarity).

Trampoline excursions throughout the day...

The return of the kent wood oven pizza....

Then some preceeded to stay up till sunrise...It was cloudy, dark and there are arguments that will probably never fade, about whether we actually saw the sunrise or just gave up and went to bed at 5.00 AM. (This is the only real ideological split in the group as of yet...) So things looking good for next year. Youth really looking like they might be the change....

Thanks Joe for the blog today!! (that's him in pink above throwing knives...)


Thanks for reading - make sure you're following along on Instagram and Facebook!

Love and Power from the RR Crew!

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