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Broccoli Organising and the Energy Vacuum Factory - RR Camp Day 5

Helllooooo - Today's blog come from Nils!

Five days in to hanging out at the Fireside Forest UniversiTree and we are spending at least 5 hours per day cooking, eating or otherwise talking about food and 2-3 hours having many of the big conversation we never really make space for in day to day activism.

This day we had a free form conversation about what work is while each one of us were drawing whatvere came to mind. One big theme was about feeling like a lot of so-called 'activist work' is just going around in circles without getting where we want to get, and how often the structures and bureaucracies we find ourselves in as activists are functioning as energy vacuum factories draining our inspiration and passion.

How can we organise and work more like broccolis where each little branch is an image of the whole broccoli? How can we as young people be the next link in the chain connecting generations of activists and make new mistakes which those who came before us didnt do? How can we disattach our egos from the work we are doing?

The big advantage with having a space like this is the possibility to let things take time and have big open ended conversations like this with little time pressure and mixing talk about world revolution with carving spoons, drying apples, chatting by an open fire, going for walks in the woods and making amazing meals of food.

Most of the evening we spent firing the little pizza oven to feed everyone in a very ambitious 5 hour cooking session, sitting by the fire and swimming in the natural swimming pool.


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- every penny hurts the status quo! -

Love and Power from the RR Crew!

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