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Join us for the Crowded Table online workshop series! ✊💸🌱

Welcome family and friends,

This is your chance to grab a seat!

we're super excited to invite y'all to our online Crowded Table workshop series that is kicking off in only a couple of weeks! Running 6-8pm on 3 consecutive Thursday evenings these sessions will ground you in the work of The RYSE, make space for emotionally charged conversations about wealth and introduce the vital idea of Solidarity Economies + explain how you can join the one we're building around The RYSE.

It flows like this:

  • Part 1: Intro to The RYSE - 17th Nov - a chance to meet the members of the team, hear about all our work this past year, the pillars we ground our work in, our vision, hopes and plans for the future + of course, why we're holding these workshops and the very real need we have for a solidarity economy to support our work going forwards.

  • Part 2: Let's talk Wealth! - 24th Nov - where it’s time to get necessarily uncomfortable and ground ourselves in the truth of a world of huge wealth inequality + through discussion and exercises to feel into why so many of us are scared to talk about it openly. Something we need to change 'cause as our family and inspirations over at Highlander tell us: 'you gotta talk about wealth to free it up!' and so if we're serious about power shift we better get talking!

  • Part 3: Building a Solidarity Economy around The RYSE! - 1st Dec - where we'll be digging into examples of what solidarity economies can look like, bringing in wisdom from some of our Elders (esp around Reparations), discussing real tangible examples of support we need as The RYSE and how we want to make such relationships ones of two-way learning and community building.

In all, we hope to leave you with a deep appreciation of why we're doing what we're doing + a real excitement to join our Crowded Table solidarity economy and come along for the journey!

All the sessions will be hosted by our smiling finance team Robin and Nils + the rest of the team where needed. You don't have to come along to all the sessions, even 1 is great, but we are really encouraging people to come to all 3 as they flow into each other and it'll be a much deeper experience.

For now that's us - do head on over to the Upcoming Sessions page (link here) to book onto the workshops - that's how you get the Zoom link and we know we aren't shouting into the void... - and please do spread this to anyone you think would be interested!

As always you can email us on with any questions and we'll respond asap.

Love and Power to you all - Robin, Nils and The RYSE team! ✊🌱🔥

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