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Upcoming Sessions!

Hey family - so just a quick blog to say I've been doing some updates to the website and added a few more pages - see Media, Join In and Podcasts + the main one here which is our new Upcoming Sessions page!

^hit his button on the Join In page^

The combo of a lot of people asking for clear info on our sessions and us getting back into gear after a pretty knackering few months, has shown the real need for a solid place where all our upcoming events - so here we are :) We'll be adding more sessions on there in the next couple weeks as we get dates confirmed - but for now we're super keen to invite our Stroud based family back to our monthly dinners in the Trinity Rooms. These are our intergenerational offerings for space to connect and learn across ages and about topics central to The RYSE's work - sound cool? Well lets get some dates in the diary then:

As it says on the graphic we're going to be running these on the 3rd Monday of each month, meaning the next sessions are: 20th June, 18th July and 15th August - they're all free and you can book onto the sessions by hitting the dates there :)

To begin on the 20th June (monday after next) we'll be talking about Schooling and sitting together to watch one of our teams favourite documentaries - Schooling the World: The White Man's Last Burden - before holding space to discuss what it brought up and how it relates to our context in Stroud. Of course School is something so central to our lives, and especially as youth, and yet it never feels so rare that as a community we come together to discuss it in any real depth - so that's the offer, ya in?

There will be lots of yummy vegan food and we're mainly asking people to sign up - only takes 1 min - so we have rough numbers for cooking. Everything is free though donations on the night welcome from those of you who can are great - buzz us any questions, keep your eyes on the page for new sessions and look forward to seeing some of you soon!

Big love and power from me and the team ✊💚🔥🌱

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