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Updates - 'Work With Us' page, Zine Subscriptions and Lele Fundraiser! ✊🌱🔥

Hey family, power and love to y'all in these times! It's Robin here with some updates from us at The RYSE - so, whats first?

We've launched our 'Work With Us' page, where you'll find all the info you'll need if you're keen to get involved working on the project. It explains a bit about what we're looking for, what roles are available and how applications can be sent in/the process from there. As it says this is particularly aimed at young people around the Stroud area but there is defo space for some distance work within specific teams - and we're working hard to be able to offer accommodation for people who might think of moving to the area to work with us. Anyways, check it out and throw us an email if you're keen/have any questions!

Ok, what next?

Well, with the release of our Spring Zine these past weeks we've decided its about time we let more people know that if you're one of our Open Collective regular supporters then you'll never have to worry again about heading over to Etsy store and buying our latest zine, cause we'll be sending it straight your way already - in fact, we'll send you 2 so you can pass one on!!

It's a huge support for us to have more regular supporters - giving either £5, £10 or £25 a month - as its both far more dependable than grants and to be honest makes us feel really valued by y'all which is great - and of course now we'll be setting you up with a Zine Subscription thrown in! If you're keen/able to support us then please do jump on the Open Collective, check out the options and if you sign on we'll send you a wee form to fill for your mailing address, so we can get those zines in the post!

Oh and if you haven't seen it yet^^, we've just uploaded the Spring Zine to the Zine Gallery on the website so go check it out 👍📖🙌


So next we want to tell you about a special fundraiser we're doing at the moment to support Indigenous Resistance and bring a Lele Rebelde doll to Stroud. So, one of our siblings from the Global Majority Vs campaign recently returned from Mexico where she spent time living with the incredible Otomi community. She brought back with her a number of LeLe Rebelde dolls to sell to support the community's struggle and so we've made a fundraiser to ask y'all to dig into your pockets and support their resistance. Here about their story in the video below and head over to the fundraiser by clicking here to find our more and contribute!

We've got loads coming along as we shift into Autumn so keep your eyes and ears peeled - for now that's it from us.

Love and Power to you all - Robin and The RYSE team! ✊🌱🔥

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