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Winning in the Rain - RR Camp Day 3

After waking up, having some porridge and going for a swim, the RR crew had a little circle and checked in. It was at this point the rain started and continued for the entirity of the day. The plans for a morning walk quickly collapsed and we decided to switch around the schedule and prepare for our first discussion,

What does winning look like?

Having the space and the time to collectivley look at this question brought up a lot of emotions. What would winning actually look like? Complete freedom of movement, avoiding collapse, the fall of campitalism and neoliberlism, replaced with a plurity of ideas and ways of living were some of the ideas.

After this we explored our motivations behind wanting these things, and moved on to analysing the avenues that would allow us to achhieve them. By the ti me we got to lunch, the floor was covered with post it notes and we went around explaining, countering and imagining the ways these solutions could be implemented,

Lunch was mostly finishing of the huge amount of food that had been cooked yesterday. We ate inside and ended up having a fairly chilled afternoon. Occassionally we came back to some points, but mostly eneded up playing a few solid rounds of bannagram and reading some revolutionary texts and doing an array of acrobatics trapped by the rain

Cue dinner, still some leftovers with some soup and a failure of roasted parsnips, we returned to spoon carving from the day before and Robin created a spectacular butterknife. As the storm intensified we called it an early night when it became clear a fire would not occur, and warmed up with a ginger rum brew.

Blog today from our very own Jake - big up!


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- every penny hurts the status quo! -

Love and Power from the RR Crew!

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