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Welcome - we are Radical Restart, a youth collective working to articulate our generations struggle, build powerful campaigns and learn alongside the emergent youth movements of the UK to create transformative change! We formed in April 2020 as a youth led response to the moment of collective crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic caused - and the wider crises of society from ecological to economic - we organised to ask a pair of simple yet powerful questions: 

What would a Radical Restart look like?


What are we willing to do to make it happen?

Exploring these we dived into 4 key topics: Youth, Solidarity, Education and Movement Organising - running over 50 open workshops and getting a bunch of crews up and kicking - this was Phase One, reaching out and building a foundation. Since our summer camp in 2020 we've collected the team and have built RR into a fully-fledged youth collective!

Photos from the RR Camp back in August - you can check out the blogs here


So, what does RR look like as a fully formed youth collective?

Well, the major change is that we've shifted from looking externally to looking internally - from running open sessions to building strong foundations. In essence, now we've got a crew - Phase 2 is all about really coming together, building our ideas and getting ready for action - check out the Our Work page for all the projects we've got on the go!

Towards all this we're using the dual concepts of Radical Imagination and Collective Commitment 

- let us explain a little what they mean to us! -

Radical Imagination

At RR we talk a lot about the tranformative power of imagination. How it frees the mind, excites the body and leads us down paths unknown that feel scary and yet much like coming home. We believe this freedom to imagine is key to our humanity - probably the exact reason our world is determined to squash and destroy it at every turn. As such, our coupling of imagination with radical is two-fold:

1) that the simple act of daring to truly imagine is a radical act of defiance, an act we believe is central to the identity of youth.

2) using the meaning of radical as 'getting to the root' we challenge ourselves to dig deep, to lay bare the hard truthes of the world and from there to imagine in beautiful new directions!

Radical Imagination is our challenge to the world and ourselves - a rejection of the old stories of domination, violence and isolation and the welcoming of the task of imagining new powerful stories of change.

Collective Commitment

Making change is an inherently collective process - it comes when many many people step into their power and start walking a new path - no one person can change the world and never will. As such, and as the youth of an ever more individualised world,

we must re-learn art of collective commitment.

Commitment because this isn't easy - stepping off the path of least resistance and fighting for real change is hard and we need to own that. But commitment is more than just the drive to achieve - it is the bonds of friendship, learning and love you build along the way.  


As such, this is what Collective Commitment

means to us: